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Saved for my next offering of my Intro American and Legislative Process classes. Thanks, Matt!

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This is really excellent, and you now have me thinking about reframing the way I introduce legislative process in my intro and Congress classes.

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Thanks Matt, this is excellent and bookmarked for future use. I've been laboring in the proverbial Capitol Hill vineyards for nigh on 40 years and your description is one of the best I've ever read. Well done, sir.

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This seems to me surprisingly and disappointingly simplistic in the context of the way Congress is actually working these days. It's nowhere near a family discussion about where to go to dinner.

First, this isn't a family. There are poeple in the room who utterly reject others' rights to even be in the room, in the discussion, and can prevent that (e.g., filibuster).

There are people in the room who do not believe in the discussion system at all and intentionally attempt to destroy the system.

There are people in the room who believe others have no right to eat, or - if they do - who should pay the tab, much less where to go to eat.

There are people who believe "I got my meal, you decide where you go, I don't care."

There are people in the room who - out of sheer prejudice and self interest - want to prevent others from eating.

Otherwise, yeah, I suppose it's like a family deciding where to go to eat.

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